Friday, October 26, 2012

One of my fall & winter projects is helping to get a local Mounted Shooting club organized and operating. If you go on facebook, look for 'Malibu Ranch Cowboy Mounted Shooters'. Our info is on that page, and soon we will have membership forms, CSA membership forms, ( CSA is the Cowboy Sports Assoc.- this is the group we will be affiliated with. ) info on practices, clinics and matches.
Here is some info from the CSA website;

"The Cowboy Sports Association (CSA) was formed to promote the sport of mounted
shooting by working to fulfill the needs of individual affiliates and members. The
guidelines were created to help maintain a safe environment and keep the sport
consistent. Individual affiliates may add to these guidelines to fit the personality of their
matches. It is recommended that any additional rules and guidelines, such as dress
code, be included on any event informational materials so all competitors will be aware
of additions to these rules and guidelines."

We've had an outpouring of interest in this and I'm looking forward to getting things up and running.

Today is farrier day at the Ranch and John has a pretty good list to work on. Tomorrow Julie will head to a 'show', She is doing a freestyle dressage test on Cowboy, in costume!! Her routine is fantastic, and I know she will do great. Sunday the girls have planned a fun day here at the Ranch. Extreme Cowboy Race- in costume!

Friday, October 19, 2012

PhotoPhotoPhotoHere's a few pics from Nationals.Photo

Friday, September 7, 2012

It's been another hectic week, but also a productive one. Last Friday ( and yesterday ) I trailered the Nat's horses over to Malibu Dude Ranch to school them. ( Four more weeks and we'll be in Kentucky! ) We got in a very good Mounted Shooting practice, had several other horses and people in attendance. Last Friday was also farrier day, got back from Malibu and stayed down at barn for a few hours until John had finished up. Saturday we finished up getting in the second cutting at Michele's, Sunday I went on a hay run and then did stuff around the house. Monday I left the ranch early to go on a dentistry call, then we tried out Jim's new truck, took the white trailer to pick up a new training horse. ( a lovely young TB filly that will be at RO-NO for a few months training ) The only drawback- the wiring on the white trailer is shot- Rob, Jim and Jeff have been working on it every day- totally re-doing the wiring. Wednesday, in addition to regular chores and training, I had a 'to-do' list that was a mile long- and I did get to most of it. Yesterday I left early with horses, off to school at Malibu and do some of their herds teeth. This morning I'm off to pick up a round bale for the brood mares and yearlings, then off on a sawdust run. Then Lori and Tappy will be arriving ( yeah! ) Saturday I'll head to LAQH to see some of the Western Double Point NPHA Show, then will run do a quick errand or two in Honesdale, then back to the Ranch to work with Alaina and Jose.

Sunday Rob and I will get all of the haying equipment parked together and tarped. We leave early Monday morning to the hospital- Rob's surgery to repair/replace his torn ACL is early- he'll be laid up for quite awhile recovering from this surgery :( Not looking forward to it, but at least eventually his knee should be good again.

I know I've been lacking in my posts on the blog. For those of you who facebook, please go on my RO-NO Ranch page, I tend to be on there much more, and have lots of updates and pics.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Getting ready to hit the road for a day trip to West Virginia. Margi, a Paso Fino mare that has been at RO-NO for several months of training, is due to go home. She has turned into a very enjoyable trail mount and she will be missed, but it's great to be sending her home for her owner to enjoy.

RO-NO's Absolute will soon be moving as well. Congrats to Cheryl M on her new acquisition. Al will be a great partner for you and we wish you many Happy Trails!

Here is a pic of Gavin under saddle. He is coming right along in his training. Kenny did a great job getting him going under saddle and I'm really looking forward to seeing what this young gelding has to give us.

Mounted Shooting practice went well yesterday- and tomorrow we'll get to have a bit more advanced practice- we're off to Malibu Dude Ranch for some schooling.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August is winding down. As I sit here in the kitchen this morning on the computer
, we have the door open and there is a cool breeze coming in through the screen. There are leaves being blown off of some of the trees, and it's cool enough out that it is making me thing of fall. Many of the local fairs have come and gone, and I've yet to make it to any of them. GDS starts today, maybe I'll get a chance to take the boys.

Dan Podwika and his family did get to enjoy the Harford Fair to its fullest. Dan had asked several months ago if he could borrow Sebastian, an 18 year old Paso Fino horse that is 'retired' here at RO-NO. Sebastian is an old pro- he's done shows and parades and fairs for a long time, and he is still the picture of vibrancy and health. Dan called daily with reports on how he and Sebastian were doing at the show, and it was always so good to hear from him- due in part to how happy he sounded at having such a fun and enjoyable horse at the fair.

Today I'll help down at the barn for a bit in the morning, then have to hook up the 2-horse and head out. I've several dentistry stops to make, and then I have to mini horses to pick up for a client. Tomorrow is mostly work at the barn, Thursday I will head south with Margi. She goes back to her family in West Virginia- she's been here for several months and we are so pleased with how she has done while she was here. I got to trail ride her the other day and she was just a joy. Friday Robbie and I, and perhaps a few others, will head to Malibu Dude Ranch to school Nationals horses and to get in some Mounted Shooting Practice.

Had a long time acquaintance stop by yesterday to try out some Pasos. She had a good time, and she fell in love! If all goes well, she'll soon have a new Paso in her barnyard. RO-NO's Absolute has always been such a joy to be around, and she will be a great mom for him.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another busy week behind us, with another starting tomorrow. On Thursday I trailered 4 horses over to Malibu Dude Ranch to school them. JQ and Pastor- as I want to get them into rings away from home as much as I can before Nationals, and Calif and Cardillo- same reason- and also because the folks ( and horses ) at Malibu aren't bothered by the mounted shooting that I need to do with these two studs. My plan is to head over there once a week to practice until it's time to head to Nationals.
Thursday also was farrier day here at RO-NO. John had a full days work, and all went smoothly.

Friday was work as usual- people were in and out of here all day long, and it was a good, productive day. Saturday morning I headed out and did teeth in the morning, then harnessed up Calif and drove him for a bit- with Hunter as my passenger. Also rode the new Paso mare who likes to run the barrels. In the afternoon Robbie and I hopped in the truck and headed to Malibu's Rodeo. Robbie has really enjoyed his duties there working, he has been given more and more to do- and I was slightly on the edge of my seat watching as my son would reach in as each bull came back into the chutes after un-seating their riders , to reach in to remove their flank straps. I was glad when that was done!

Today-( my day off ) consisted of the usual housework, loading up most of the rest of the manure pile that we are trying to get moved ( I did most of it on Saturday- ) transporting it in the dump trailer to a farm nearby who is using it in their landscaping, moving the hay wagon to ( and from ) where Rob was haying, ( we now have a lovely half wagon full of second cutting sitting in our indoor ), giving Hunter a mini-riding lesson on Jack ( he looks very cute in his helmet- trotting Jack around the round pen )  then back to the house to start dinner. Hmm...I think working tomorrow may be easier than my day off!

Here is a pic of one of Coloso's babies who I recently bought- ( I picked up his full brother as well- both are lovely- they are very well bred with strong potential to be Performance.)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pulled a late night last night. Worked all day, left in the late afternoon with a load of hay for Rosanne. Went from there down to Maryland to pick up two sale Paso mares. Both are really sweet, a three year old filly who is well trained. She is quiet on the trails ( you can pony your dog off of her ) goes through water, will go out on her own. She is very well bred and very well gaited, and would be great in the show ring as well as on the trails. ( asking $1650 for her )  The other is a super cute pinto paso mare. She is 11 and loves to run barrels and other gaming patterns and is just an all around fun mount. Really awesome little mare. ( $1650 for her as well )

Our yearling colts are all doing well. We led Scotty and Spoc out to a turnout yesterday afternoon for a bit and Hannah got a pic of them romping.

Today we're just getting lots of riding/training done. Hope to get some mounted shooting practice in later this week as well.