Friday, October 26, 2012

One of my fall & winter projects is helping to get a local Mounted Shooting club organized and operating. If you go on facebook, look for 'Malibu Ranch Cowboy Mounted Shooters'. Our info is on that page, and soon we will have membership forms, CSA membership forms, ( CSA is the Cowboy Sports Assoc.- this is the group we will be affiliated with. ) info on practices, clinics and matches.
Here is some info from the CSA website;

"The Cowboy Sports Association (CSA) was formed to promote the sport of mounted
shooting by working to fulfill the needs of individual affiliates and members. The
guidelines were created to help maintain a safe environment and keep the sport
consistent. Individual affiliates may add to these guidelines to fit the personality of their
matches. It is recommended that any additional rules and guidelines, such as dress
code, be included on any event informational materials so all competitors will be aware
of additions to these rules and guidelines."

We've had an outpouring of interest in this and I'm looking forward to getting things up and running.

Today is farrier day at the Ranch and John has a pretty good list to work on. Tomorrow Julie will head to a 'show', She is doing a freestyle dressage test on Cowboy, in costume!! Her routine is fantastic, and I know she will do great. Sunday the girls have planned a fun day here at the Ranch. Extreme Cowboy Race- in costume!

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