Saturday, October 15, 2011

JQ is doing just fine after his little incident earlier in the week. He is something else, not many horses could get in and out of the predicament he was in.
Dusty, Torey and Pastor are off on an adventure. Rose has some company in for the weekend, and she needed a few extra horses to have on hand, so I trailered them down on Thursday. They will come home on Monday.
Tuesday Shadow and Deb's horse Cheyenne will move to their new home, the new location for Liberty Reins Ranch. We wish Deb every success at her new place.
This morning we are off to Malibu Dude Ranch. Gymkhana and Trail Trial, dinner at the ranch, hang out in the saloon afterwards, then Trail Trial and Mounted Shooting Practice tomorrow. Rob, Robbie and Jim hope to get some target practice in too, on the rifle range. I've promised Hunter some swimming time, the indoor pool sure has looked inviting when I've been past it, so in we will go.
Tuesday and Wednesday I have horse dentistry scheduled, Friday too I think. Showed the rental house to two sets of people yesterday- we've really had a lot of interest in the house, now it is just a matter of getting references checked and going from there. A woman and three of her four kids stopped by yesterday, and I really liked her- she took a rental application, and I'm hoping to hear back from her.
I'm rambling this morning! Woke up early and couldn't fall back to sleep, figured I'd get on here for a quick blog. Soon the whole house will be up, and then we'll all be on the road.

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