Monday, October 17, 2011

We had a great weekend at Malibu Dude Ranch. The owners made us all feel right at home, and boy did everyone get some riding time in! The day started with some gymkhana games, then moved on to an Arena Trial/Extreme Cowboy Race. ( the real extreme cowboy race had actually been demonstrated earlier in the games by Angie- she was racing back across the finish line, kind of forgot how quickly the gate was coming up and came to an abrupt stop/flying dismount off of her Arabian Azi. ) After the mornings fun we broke for lunch, then tacked back up for a 2 hour trail ride. We pretty much relaxed after that until dinner, though we did have our choices of things to do, ranging from fishing, archery, rifle range, rowboats, volleyball, games/billards room, and a few other things. Sunday morning we played in the arena for a bit, then Tom and I got in some Mounted Shooting practice, then lunch out by the pond, then another trail ride. All in all a pretty enjoyable weekend.
Rose had extra horses all weekend, later today I'll be headed down to deliver some hay to her, and bring the ponies home. Tomorrow, after I get some horse dentitstry calls done, I'll be taking Shadow to her new home ( Deb is still hoping to re-home this mare if anyone is looking for a companion horse- she's fine to ride, would be best if she could just follow another horse)
Just think- only about 9 more weeks until Christmas! Yikes!

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