Thursday, October 6, 2011

We have the original farm house on the property nearly all renovated and ready to rent out. Yesterday I called two papers to put ads in, and I also put an advert on Craigs List. Today the phone was ringing off the hook! We have one woman coming over Sunday ( she's flying in from Florida to house hunt) and we had two other sets of people want to come out tomorrow to see the house. One other woman wanted to come out this afternoon, but I did not hear back from her.
We finally sit down to dinner, and get a phone call from one of the sets of people wanting to come over tomorrow- they were in the area- could they please stop by. We said sure, they said they'd be by in about 30 minutes. We sat to quickly eat, five minutes later the phone rings again, poor connection, it's a woman wanting directions. They are close, so we walk down. Turns out it was the people that I had expected earlier in the day- they finally had made it over, so we still had the other folks coming over. Ahh!! All went well enough- the first people were just leaving when the second set arrived. We now have to start going through the process of finding the right people to rent to I guess. It would be great if we could find someone who was looking to stay long term, and were good tenants. ( both sets of folks that stopped by seemed nice- so fingers crossed)

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