Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hadn't realized it had been so long since I'd made a post on here. Right now I am sitting at a hotel in Lexington Virginia. Robbie and Anni Shaffer are with me, and we plan to hit the road in the morning for Lexington Kentucky. We were in Virginia for the Mason Dixon Spectacular Show, and we are going to Kentucky for the kids to participate in the PFHA Youth Camp.

The show in Virginia went very well. Nicole rode both Cardillo and Pastor, Rose rode Pastor, Alaina rode Jose and I showed Cardillo in trail and JQ in Performance Stallions and all of us have blue ribbons to take home. The horses were very good, and we were pleased with them. We did host another Extreme Cowboy Race on Saturday evening. It was a hoot, had around 10 entries, and provided good entertainment for all the folks enjoying dinner/party up in the stands. Jim and the gang ( Alaina, Rose and Nicole, along with Cardillo and Jose )left Virginia around noon time today, and they've just made it back to the Ranch. We have Pastor, JQ and Torey with us, as I agreed to supply some horses for use during the camp.

Back at home we are still waiting for Rose's mare Kat to foal. She is finally really bagging up and Julie thinks it wont be too much longer. The crew led Scratchy ( last years orphan who has thrived ) and Charlie down to the Ranch from Maribelle's on Saturday. All the yearlings need some handling and we decided to start with these two. Julie is busy getting more training done on our Mountain horses and Paso's while I'm gone, along with managing all the other horses who need to be ridden/worked. Busy days at the Ranch!

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