Saturday, June 2, 2012

June has arrived and we are enjoying some nice riding weather. Julie and Nic are preparing to hit the road in the morning for a Dressage show, and Thursday a bunch of us will be on the road for first Lexington Virginia, then Lexington KY with our Paso's. The show horses are all fit and ready to go, and we are looking forward to hitting the ring. I'll have a couple of hectic days ahead of me to have everything ready, but it is worth it.

Tonight a bunch of us are heading to Malibu Dude Ranch in Milford PA to see the rodeo! It will be a nice night out.

Have a brood mare due to foal, she was actually due on the first of June, but she doesn't look like she's going to go anytime too soon. We're getting her in every evening and letting her back out to pasture each morning. This foal is a full sibling to Savannah, who is really looking like she will be Fino,so we are excited about this baby.

We have 5 yearling colts that really need to get some handling on them. They live up at Maribelle's farm, so our plan is to start bringing them here one by one for about 2 weeks each to get them really halter broke well and handled a lot. Scratchy, the orphan foal who fortunately really thrived, is the only one of the bunch with a lot of handling, so I guess we will save him for last. I do think that I may keep him, he may be my next 'Calif'. :)

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