Friday, June 22, 2012

We have in a total of 8 new horses here this week. The black & white Paso Fino gelding Scout came in yesterday morning for a two week tune up while his owners take a summer trip, and I pretty much hit the trail right away with him. Today the farrier is here ( thank goodness the heat wont be as bad today ) I'm hoping to get most of the new horses worked today- over the past two days we were down a bit on getting everyone worked- just too hot out! Still, I think we got 7-9 horses worked yesterday, and will get to more than that today.

The 'mini clinic' with the Massage Therapist went well yesterday- the Equissage Unit is wonderful, we could really see how it would be beneficial to our horses.

Here is a pic of Kings Ransom, he and his mama are doing very well. He sure does gait.

We're hoping to get some hay done. It's been frustrating- they've called for rain almost everyday- and it hasn't rained- we could have had most of our hay in, but what do you do. With luck we will get to it soon.

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