Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Aahhh... another nice, clear, cool, non-humid morning.  Feels very good, especially after the late evening putting in hay. We got all of our own first cutting in, a very good feeling. Love having my barn full of hay.

I managed to get everything on my 'to do' list yesterday accomplished!! That almost never happens, we'll see if I manage to do as well today. I've a pretty hectic morning scheduled, and then this afternoon we are loading up five horses and heading to Malibu Dude Ranch for a mounted shooting practice.

Congrats to Georgianna and family on their purchase of our little Mojito. He is a wonderful young Paso Fino gelding and he and the girls get along beautifully.

Congrats to Amy C. and her family on their purchase of Rain. Rain will be a good teacher to all of your kids Amy, enjoy her!


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