Monday, July 30, 2012

The boys and I are in the Chicago area, and I'm about to start my fourth day of work here. So far so good, all has gone smoothly ( which actually has me a bit worried- things are going way too smoothly- I'm waiting for something to happen! ) Hunter and Robbie are really enjoying their time with their cousins Jack and Kevin, and Jack and Kev are enjoying dog ownership for a week. ( Oscar is in heaven!- he not only is getting tons of attention here- he also got to sleep in a bed at the hotel on our way out here.)

Back at the Ranch all is going well. ( if it isn't- the crew isn't telling me- love them! ) Julie and then gang always seem to have it all under control when I need to go on a work trip or go to a show- for which I am eternally grateful. They all do seem to give a sigh of relief though when I do get home.

Here's a pic of my to cowboys, Robbie has been helping out Saturday evenings at the Malibu Dude Ranch Rodeo. ( Malibu Dude Ranch puts on a fabulous Rodeo every Saturday night between Memorial Day and Labor Day- if you haven't made it out there yet you need to go, it's a great time. )

We will hit the road for home sometime on Tuesday afternoon, so that we arrive home not too late on Wednesday. For now I need to get off the computer and get ready for work, a barn full of pony party ponies await me!

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