Monday, February 6, 2012

Another weekend has flown by! No complaints, it just seems like I don't get everything done that I want to get to- I should be thankful that I have such long 'to-do' lists, and that I'm able to work on them every day.

Farrier day on Thursday went very well, horses behaved ( and for the most part so did our farrier ) We got plenty of critters worked, and the weather has been so agreeable! Friday was a whirlwind of a day- Erin and I slammed thru stalls, I got some errands run, took Robbie to the Dr.'s ( annual checkup ) and came home in time to work some horses before evening chores. Sat. morning I ran for round bales, helped with stalls, worked horses, gave lessons, then ran a load of hay to Rose's in the evening. Sunday was house cleaning, paperwork, cooking and then the Super Bowl ( plus a Scrabble game w/ Robbie )

Today I've a horribly long 'to-do' list- and I know I wont get to all of it, but I will try. Nic moved a lot of the breeding stuff up to the house from the camper, so I need to get organizing that as well. Rob spent a lot of the weekend working on my old truck, fixing the brakes on the dump trailer and cutting firewood, so he was not able to work on the sink- but I know he'll get to it soon. I'm going to be looking for a 'mini fridge' to put in the basement if anyone has a good one for sale!

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