Thursday, February 2, 2012

So this morning we get to find out from a groundhog what type of spring we have ahead of us. All I now is that the worst of winter is behind us ( and it really wasn't bad ) and even if we get hit hard by a couple weeks of real winter weather the end of it is in sight. Aahhh...

Tuesday was a warm, wonderful day. Decided to end the day with a nice relaxing trail ride, ...right... Our horses were goofy for a lot of the ride, jumping at shadows, but not really too bad, just feeling their oats. We got in a couple of nice runs, and some long stretched of good gaiting. On our way home both of our horses got a little spooked by someone chopping wood at the side of the road. A van came by just then, and Jim had to dismount to get Jose through. Just then two pick up trucks came roaring up, but slowed down due to the fact that the van had stopped, the road was narrow and we were squeezing through. The horses settled and we headed home. We were nearly back when we could hear the two trucks coming up behind us fast and hard. We had just gotten to a section of the road where there is barbed wire on either side, and it's pretty narrow. The trucks were a good 40-50 foot apart, and as the first one blasted past ( they didn't even attempt to slow down or move over!! ) Jim hollered to slow down, and I swung my horse in front of the second truck! The kid stopped ( just in time- but I knew he didn't want to get his nice little pick up's front end crumpled up by a horse ) Let me tell you, did I ever give those kids a well deserved tongue lashing. I think I was spitting fire and my head was rotating around on my shoulders like a possessed demon. There kids had been going way too fast ( this isn't the first time they've been speeding by). I have a three year old boy, and my neighbors have 3 year old twins! Our dirt roads are not race tracks, they are roads that belong to farmers and families, and these teens need to remember that. They're probably a bit miffed at receiving a lecture from a red-headed amazon, but so be it.

Today is farrier day. We've a long list for John, he definitely has job security here. We'll get critters worked, though a few will get a break today. Last night we had a good practice with the crew going to the expo, but then we gave those four horses their flu vacs, just to be sure that they have good immunity at the horse expo. We gave them some bute last night, so hopefully no one has a sore neck today, but just in case they get today off.

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