Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What a whirl-wind February has been. Hard to believe that March is right around the corner. All the time that we spent getting people and horses ready for the PA Horse World Expo was well spent, our demos were great and we all had a great time. There is nothing like having Youth riders out on the arena floor showing off for the crowds, and doing it well. They worked hard to prepare for it and it showed! Good job everyone!! And many thanks to all of you who helped prepare for the demo, and helped out to man the booth and set up/tear down. This is volunteer work to help promote the breed that we love, and the Association that we show under, and all the help is very much appreciated.

We are slammed here at RO-NO. Spring fever is hitting and I'm working hard to have room for all the folks wanting to get their horses in for training. It's a good problem :) I'll also be hitting the road soon for my yearly trip to do horse dentistry in Florida, and then we will have the second clinic in our spring series of gaited horse clinincs. Got to talk with a lot of folks at the expo, and many are planning on attending our remaining clinics. I'll need to schedule a few more, and need to schedule some trail trials/extreme cowboy races as well.


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