Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's been a crazy busy month. We have fantastic horses in for training, a great crew at the barn, and a schedule that is keeping us all on our toes. Yesterday we had the owners of the Rocky Mountain Horses that are here for training here for a visit. Both horses have been working wonderfully and we had a good time showing off what they have learned. I also was able to show them a few of our stallions. Speaking of stallions, Cardillo has been a happy boy this week. My mare London had come into heat and she was slated to be covered by him this year. This is his first season for breeding.

JQ and I are slated to show at the Syracuse Show this Friday. I've ( almost ) all my paperwork in order and we'll be hitting the road early that day. Maribelle will be joining us, and we will enjoy getting to see our Paso friends from the North East.

The latest edition of the Paso Fino Horse World is out, and it has the article I submitted about Richard Gregory and his Paso mare Nina. The editor, Catherine King, did a lovely job presenting it, and she very kindly forwarded me a letter she received from one of the magazines subscribers, I've posted it below;

"As a new member of the Paso Fino Assoc. I always look forward to the monthly magazine. Mays' edition is my absolute favorite thus far. Letters from a traveling man actually made me a bit teary eyed. How lucky is Nola Haupert-Keill to have placed one of her horses with such a fabulous person? I wish I were his grand daughter or at least one of his riding buddies! And the letters and pictures are such a priceless keepsake. Really such a wonderful story. I also enjoyed reading about El Pastor, what a character. Thanks so much for such a great, shareable, readable magazine! Beth from  NC"

If you go to www.pfha.org you can located the magazine to view the article and see the pictures.


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