Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Long week! Our show went very well, we got loaded up and on the road w/out incident. The show ran surprisingly smoothly and everyone did very well. It was great getting to use the new trailer! The horses all loaded up on it well, and traveled quietly. Our Extreme Cowboy Race on Saturday evening at the show was a hit, tons of people entered and it was great entertainment.

Monday was spent running. I ran to town for groceries, grain and sawdust, then ran to the dentist for me, and then ran for a load of hay. That took up most of my day. Kudos to Julie and the crew, as the barn work all got done and all the horses on the work list were schooled.

Tuesday..long but productive day. I did paperwork in the morning, then went to the barn to meet with some folks who trailered in their Paso gelding for me to evaluate. He is a 12 year old bay/black gelding who is very well gaited, and he was lovely. They will most likely be selling him, so if you know of anyone looking for a nice, small gaited gelding with some pep let me know. Then I did get a few horses worked before I had to hit the road. Went and got new tires put on the maroon trailer, then met up with Jim to go pick up a horse. Folks had called me about a Percheron mare that they needed to have euthanized. She had become very aggressive and it had been recommended to them that they had her put down. They did not want to do it at home, so they asked that we pick her up and take care of it from there. Jim helped me get her loaded and we headed home.

Once all was taken care of with that, I stayed at the house ( chores were done as it was already early evening ) and started dinner. Had a relatively quiet evening and was thinking about hitting the hay when I got a phone call. Our friend Michele up the road needed help with a lambing.She's been trying for quite awhile to get a breech lamb turned in a ewe, but was having no luck and was getting tired from her efforts. I tossed on some old clothes and headed over to help. sad to say though, after we tried for another 1 1/2 hours we lost both ewe and lambs. Poor Michele has had a long week, rough lambing season this year.

On a happier note, got word from Erin last night that she was n the hospital and would most likely be staying, time for her baby to greet the world!

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