Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Even though 'Is that a mare?' seemed to be the foremost thought on Cardillos mind the entire weekend- he did perform extremely well for me at the Mounted Shooting competition. There were 35 competitors  on both of the very hot days that we were at the Round Tuit Ranch in Enfield CT. We had 14 riders in my division and Cardillo ended the day in 4th place. If my aim had been a bit better our placing would have been better as well. Any and all mistakes made in my runs were mine- not Cardillos- he really did his job well. There were 22 entries for the Cowboy Challenge. In this we had to shoot 5 balloons, re-holster and negotiate 5 obstacles, then shoot another 5 balloons. We took 6th in this event- the 2nd through 6th placements were all within a second or two of each other- it was a blast.
Even with the heat we had a good time, and it makes me really look forward to competing in KY this fall at the Paso Fino Nationals.

It was in the low 90's here yesterday- and looks like today will be the same. Got plenty of horses ridden/worked, and Jim brought his tractor over to help work on sinking fenceposts and cleaning out run in sheds. Rose came and rode, as did Nicole and Deb L. Today we will try to get the chores done early before the wort of the heat hits- and will go easy on how hard we work the training horses. I'll be on the road a bit this afternoon doing teeth, then home to the ac. Guess I'll have to make a feed run as well today- We've one mare due to foal this spring, she is due June 1st, but so far she's not bagging up all that much- so it may be awhile.


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