Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lots of goings on at the Ranch. We're still putting in hay, and just the day to day business of running the farm and working the training horses is keeping us very busy.

Robbie and Pam attended a Craig Cameron Clinic this past Sunday at Malibu Dude Ranch. Robbie on Calif and Pam with her Sneak. They did well, worked hard, and swore they would never complain again about how hard they have to ride at home in lessons. ( Craig really worked them!!  :)   )

Julie and Nicole were also busy that day- they took Cowboy and JB to a local Dressage show, and Julie even took Cowboy in a cross rail class. Both horses ( and riders ) did great and we are very proud of them.

Robbie is still enjoying his Saturday evenings working at the rodeo at Malibu. Those nights have been a nice get away for me as well.

Our yearlings are thriving. We did bring two of them back down to the Ranch from Maribelles the other day, they all need work on halter stuff and handling in general.

I've some new adveertising stuff going on. Having an aluminum sign made for up by the road, and new truck magnets, and a beautiful bit of apliquie work done to the tailgate of the big horse trailer. Hyduchack Design is a local business and I am very pleased so far in my dealings with Matt.

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