Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Been up and spinning my wheels since 4:30 this morning. The mornings tend to be my most productive time in the house ( when I come in at night, once supper is made and I've sat down, all I want to do is spend time with Hunter and relax- so not much gets done in the house) and a productive morning sets a good trend for the day.
Yesterday I picked up alfalfa cubes ( for JQ ) and lime ( for the old barn ) after dropping Hunter off. Then back to the barn to help Erin with morning chores, had coffee at Maribelles and got some paperwork done, back to barn to do turnout and stalls, then on the road to get a load of sawdust. Took lunch and did some computer work, back to barn and work some horses, then time for chores. ( no wonder I appreciate my time in the house in the morning!)
Today I'll hit the road by about 10 to go to Duck Harbor to do teeth. I'll go to Agway and Pet Central while I'm in the Honesdale area, and perhaps grab a few groceries too. I've two horses ( at least ) that I want to get to work today, and I'm hoping to start going thru some of the stuff that I will need to bring to Nationals. We ( RO-NO ) have a nice set of stall drapes, and we always have a nice table set up in the ailseway at Nationals, advertising the farm. I tend to just pack everything up willy-nilly at the show, and I need to go thru stuff to see what we need. Space is limited, so only the necessities should go.
Here's a pic from the shooting competition last month on LI.

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