Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rain, rain go away.... this is what we've all been thinking, but the rain still comes down. We've more water in our fields right now than we did with Irene. The sound of the rushing water from the creek was so loud this morning that I went down to the barn at 5:00 a.m. just to check that all was well, that we didn't need to start evacuating horses due to rising flood waters. It will be a long day, water is still coming up, and the rain is still coming down.
We had planned on trailering horses to Malibu Dude Ranch yesterday to get some schooling in. ( We've 16 days to go until we leave for Memphis!) Had to scratch those plans though, and todays as well. So much water and flooding that they have closed all our local schools! Nicole and I did manage to trailer over to Lake E in the afternoon yesterday, just to get three of the Nationals horses out and about at a new arena. All three (b JQ, Tappy and Cardillo ) did very well and I was glad that we made the effort to get them there. No go today though, too much flooding. I may try to get Cardillo over to Malibu this weekend to get some shooting practice in.

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