Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hopefully by this evening we will be loaded up and on the road. It's about 1000 miles for us to drive to Memphis. We've decided to leave as soon as all is packed up and Nicole is out of school. We'll drive thru the night and arrive at a decent time in the afternoon tomorrow. There is one slight hitch to our plan though... Lori called last night, one of her horses got cornered in a stall and got herself kicked up pretty badly. Lori says the filly is a bit of an instigator, and she must have bothered one of the other horses a bit too much. Got beat up badly enough that Lori had to have the vet out... so we'll see what the mare looks like this morning, that will decide when Lori can get here, so that we can get the trailer packed. Hopefully all is well this morning.
Julie took one more step towards leaving her 'flat-lander' roots earlier this week. She had quite the eventful day, helped Rob wrangle the steers back thru the fence, then stood guard while he got the chainsaw to fix a downed tree that was on the fenceline. She had to keep a gun with her, as Rob had seen a good sized bobcat while in the woods. She received ( and enjoyed ) a brief shooting lesson too... Go Julie!!
My folks arrived last night. They will stay here and take care of Hunter and help out here, making sure Robbie gets homework done, help with dinner and all that. I so do appreciate their help. They do find our weather a bit chilly, no Arizona heat here!
Wish us luck! We'll finish up packing, set things up here for while I'm gone then we are off. I'll try my best to post updates on how we are doing.

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