Thursday, September 8, 2011

School closed again! This is just not fun, was already down to the barn this morning, flooding not any worse than yesterday. Folks west and north of us really have been hit hard. Was on the phone with Lori ( out near Sunbury) last night. She said that the flooding there was the worst she had ever seen. They had to move their plane out of it's hanger as the water was rising there. So many people having to evacuate their homes due to the rivers overflowing the banks. I'll keep a nervous eye on our creek all day, as in the past it has risen higher and quicker that we like to see. So far though all is well.
We worked on fixing the arena walls again yesterday. Over the years the kick wall has bowed out, and we now have the project over 2/3rds done. It's a good feeling to be able to accomplish some constructive work while all this goes on.
I've an interesting dental case to work on today. Got a call last night about a horse that has suddenly developed a swelling on the side of its face. They say it has a hard lump along the side of its jaw, though seems to be eating well. I'll let you know tomorrow ( or whenever I next get to get on here) about what I find.

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