Sunday, September 18, 2011

Time has just been flying by! Before the week is over we will be on the road to Memphis. Our horses are as ready as can be, so now it's just time to get everything at home in order and get ready to pack up the trailer. Over the next couple of days I will hit the library ( love having books on CD for long trips!) get groceries for the house and grain for the barn, clean the house more ( I did some today, but then helped put hay in) My folks will be here Wednesday evening, Rose is coming Wednesday as well. I have my own packing to do, and various things to have done in the house before we leave.
Rob cut hay on Friday, tedded it yesterday and today we were able to get it all baled and put into the barn. 475 bales of second cutting hay! Makes me very happy to have that done! Thanks for all the help Erin and Jim!!
Nicole was a huge help today as well. She went through our trailers and organized a lot of what we will need to pack, made lists of what we have, and what we need. That will go a long way in helping us to be ready to go on Thursday. Our original plan was to leave very early Friday morning, but now it looks like we will hit the road Thursday evening, as soon as we have everything loaded and set to go.
Well, Hunter is ready for his night-time story, so it is off the computer for me and time to read to him.

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