Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It sure has been busy for late January. Today- last day of the month- it is supposed to be in the low 50's!! Hard to believe but easy to enjoy. We sure get a lot done every day.

The gang has been working hard on getting ready for the upcoming demos at the Harrisburg Horse Expo. We will have a flag being carried around ( and going over jumps and being passed from rider to rider ) the soccer ball will get kicked around, one rider dressed in costume and much more- it's been great that we've been able to to coordinate some group practices.

This past Sunday Rob worked on getting the sink put in downstairs. I've some new cabinets and counter space, and soon a nice double stainless steel sink. I've had more inquiries on shipped breedings, so we will be all set for it.

Yesterday I worked at the house in the morning, doing some web site updates, work on finishing some spreadsheets and a bunch of paperwork, including working on sending out my Florida notices ( my Florida trip is booked for March 8-16th ). I then set off with truck and trailer to pick up grain and a load of sawdust, got home and got all that unloaded, worked three horses then hit the road again to do teeth. I was glad to get home, even though I did have to get back on the computer for a bit.

This morning I'll do a bit more 'office' work, put a roast in the crock pot, drop the baby at the sitters, pick up some round bales then get to work. Should get a lot of riding done today. :)


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