Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another busy week behind us, with another starting tomorrow. On Thursday I trailered 4 horses over to Malibu Dude Ranch to school them. JQ and Pastor- as I want to get them into rings away from home as much as I can before Nationals, and Calif and Cardillo- same reason- and also because the folks ( and horses ) at Malibu aren't bothered by the mounted shooting that I need to do with these two studs. My plan is to head over there once a week to practice until it's time to head to Nationals.
Thursday also was farrier day here at RO-NO. John had a full days work, and all went smoothly.

Friday was work as usual- people were in and out of here all day long, and it was a good, productive day. Saturday morning I headed out and did teeth in the morning, then harnessed up Calif and drove him for a bit- with Hunter as my passenger. Also rode the new Paso mare who likes to run the barrels. In the afternoon Robbie and I hopped in the truck and headed to Malibu's Rodeo. Robbie has really enjoyed his duties there working, he has been given more and more to do- and I was slightly on the edge of my seat watching as my son would reach in as each bull came back into the chutes after un-seating their riders , to reach in to remove their flank straps. I was glad when that was done!

Today-( my day off ) consisted of the usual housework, loading up most of the rest of the manure pile that we are trying to get moved ( I did most of it on Saturday- ) transporting it in the dump trailer to a farm nearby who is using it in their landscaping, moving the hay wagon to ( and from ) where Rob was haying, ( we now have a lovely half wagon full of second cutting sitting in our indoor ), giving Hunter a mini-riding lesson on Jack ( he looks very cute in his helmet- trotting Jack around the round pen )  then back to the house to start dinner. Hmm...I think working tomorrow may be easier than my day off!

Here is a pic of one of Coloso's babies who I recently bought- ( I picked up his full brother as well- both are lovely- they are very well bred with strong potential to be Performance.)

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