Tuesday, August 28, 2012

August is winding down. As I sit here in the kitchen this morning on the computer
, we have the door open and there is a cool breeze coming in through the screen. There are leaves being blown off of some of the trees, and it's cool enough out that it is making me thing of fall. Many of the local fairs have come and gone, and I've yet to make it to any of them. GDS starts today, maybe I'll get a chance to take the boys.

Dan Podwika and his family did get to enjoy the Harford Fair to its fullest. Dan had asked several months ago if he could borrow Sebastian, an 18 year old Paso Fino horse that is 'retired' here at RO-NO. Sebastian is an old pro- he's done shows and parades and fairs for a long time, and he is still the picture of vibrancy and health. Dan called daily with reports on how he and Sebastian were doing at the show, and it was always so good to hear from him- due in part to how happy he sounded at having such a fun and enjoyable horse at the fair.

Today I'll help down at the barn for a bit in the morning, then have to hook up the 2-horse and head out. I've several dentistry stops to make, and then I have to mini horses to pick up for a client. Tomorrow is mostly work at the barn, Thursday I will head south with Margi. She goes back to her family in West Virginia- she's been here for several months and we are so pleased with how she has done while she was here. I got to trail ride her the other day and she was just a joy. Friday Robbie and I, and perhaps a few others, will head to Malibu Dude Ranch to school Nationals horses and to get in some Mounted Shooting Practice.

Had a long time acquaintance stop by yesterday to try out some Pasos. She had a good time, and she fell in love! If all goes well, she'll soon have a new Paso in her barnyard. RO-NO's Absolute has always been such a joy to be around, and she will be a great mom for him.


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