Sunday, August 12, 2012

Here's what you will see when you first pull up to the Ranch. We've a few other improvements in the works, and it is nice seeing them in place.

Rob is off to Michele's getting the last of her hay done. We had several more wagons delivered yesterday and the crew got them put up in the loft, which is now pretty much full. We'll end up putting our second cutting on the loft floor. Been a few years since I've had the barn so full and its a good feeling.

We've been busy getting all of the paperwork ready to go for Nationals. It is amazing the amount needed for six horses, pages and pages of the stuff. I'll get it all shipped off to Robin R.'s tomorrow, as we will be stalled with her again this year. Looking forward to the time we will spend in Kentucky. The Horse Park is a great facility, very horse friendly, and we have an excellent group of horses and people going along. I've decide to 'brush the dust' off of my cart and take Calif into Driving class again. Harnessed him up and drove him the other day with Hannah and he was great. Such a good boy.

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