Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pulled a late night last night. Worked all day, left in the late afternoon with a load of hay for Rosanne. Went from there down to Maryland to pick up two sale Paso mares. Both are really sweet, a three year old filly who is well trained. She is quiet on the trails ( you can pony your dog off of her ) goes through water, will go out on her own. She is very well bred and very well gaited, and would be great in the show ring as well as on the trails. ( asking $1650 for her )  The other is a super cute pinto paso mare. She is 11 and loves to run barrels and other gaming patterns and is just an all around fun mount. Really awesome little mare. ( $1650 for her as well )

Our yearling colts are all doing well. We led Scotty and Spoc out to a turnout yesterday afternoon for a bit and Hannah got a pic of them romping.

Today we're just getting lots of riding/training done. Hope to get some mounted shooting practice in later this week as well.

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