Friday, April 15, 2011

Four days left to get all my lists made. Have to start packing for our AZ trip, and have to start packing the trailers for Dillsburg. Need to sort out what will be needed at the show, what will be needed for the trail trial and games, which horses the girls need to really focus on while I am gone and so on. I've always been the one to get the horses all clipped up for the shows- but I'm going to hand the job off to Erin, Julie and Nicole- ( no pressure girls! ) Also have to write out the farrier list- he will be here on Thursday.
Picked up a small load of sand yesterday and filled in the depression in Valaras stall and laid some rubber mats. Also used a little sand to sturdy up the far end of our sounding board- it's gotten dug up a bit over time. With Jim and Rob's help we also got the load of sawdust put up into the bin. Rob worked on fixing some fence yesterday- we've unfortunately been having some bovine breakouts- the other day Rob and I had to hike thru the swamp- chasing our two cows back out of the undergrowth and back thru the creek to get them back on our property. I think we will be having a BBQ soon!

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