Thursday, April 14, 2011

Have had some trouble loading posts- so it looks like I'm starting over with my daily ( or nearly daily) blogs.
Cardillo performed beautifully at the Mounted Shooting Clinic. I now know why they call Long Island Long Island! The clinic was a good 50 miles in- fortunately we had nearly no traffic to deal with on both our drive to and from the clinic. The event was very well run, and before long I was riding Cardillo at a corto and canter while shooting off his back, hitting the target balloons. He really took to it well and I'm looking forward to more practice with him, and a competition on May 28th in CT. We show at Dillsburg in two weeks- so I'll hold off shooting with him until just after that show- but then we will be working hard to get him ready.
This very wet week has held us back a little at getting 'spring cleaning' done around the farm- but boy have we been getting plenty of saddle hours in. We will have 13 horses at the Dillsburg show and there is plenty to do to have them all as ready to go as possible. Everyone has been very dedicated and have been getting as much training time in as possible. We had a very fun schooling session last night, with five of us riding around the ring- going thru mock classes.
Foals will be arriving soon! There are three mares up at Maribelles that will be ready to drop quite soon- and two more due later in the spring. I'm so very excited to have some Calif babies on the ground! I will post pictures. Carbi is down at Rose's, and she is due to pop pretty much any day, and she is bred to the Fino stallion Pastor.
Keep an eye on the RO-NO website, and the Royal Flush one as well. We are making changes/improvements.

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