Monday, April 18, 2011

Four suitcases are pretty much all packed and ready to go. Somehow it took me most of the afternoon to accomplish that- and I had to really, really work at not packing more. ( I've never been good at packing lightly!)
The girls all worked hard this weekend. Every time I looked down to the indoor I could see them working one horse or another. Ali came up from NJ to ride Cesar, Nicole was here both days working 3-4 horses each day ( or maybe it was 4-5 ) Alaina got her Jose ridden, all the Paso's that are going to Dillsburg have been doing so well.
No foal yet from Carbi. The three of mine that are getting set to foal are all bagging up a bit more each day. Can't wait to see what Calif has thrown for me.
I'm happy to say that I am learning a bit more about keeping my web site up and running. I added a new sale horse today, along with his picture. Lori's Pinto Performance Gelding Tapistero Sin Par has really been doing well, and I've been wanting to get his ad up on the website. So it is up along with a pic of him beg ridden by Nicole at Harrisburg.

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