Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We made is safely here to sunny ( and hot! ) AZ. All of our travels went smoothly, no problems getting o Philly- made it to the airport on time, checked our bags in with no trouble- the line at security was short- and then...... Hunter kept setting off the metal detector so they put him and I in the glass booth for a full pat down of Hunter!!!!! TSA workers must really love their job- having to pat down two year olds. They were very courteous- and apologetic as well. Note to self- do not put pants with metal on them on a baby when flying!
Had a very nice time catching up with relatives yesterday. We had the memorial service for my Grandmother- got to see Aunt and Uncle and cousins and their kids. Today Robbie and Hunter will get to spend time with my sister Carol and her family. Rob and I are off in a few minutes to go work. Tonight will be a nice family meal and margaritas on the back porch- looking out on the mountains.
Waiting to hear from home about mares foaling! Wont be long.

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