Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!
Hope this day finds everyone happy, content and relaxed. It's been sunshine and 80's-90's everyday here! We've had a heavy work schedule- long days- so today we are enjoying staying home at my folks house and relaxing. I've one more day of work then we head home on Tuesday.
Yesterday Robbie went for a 5 hour trail ride with one of my clients, they trailered over to a trail head that goes all the way from Utah to Mexico!! Tomorrow while I work Rob will not go with me as he has all the days prior- he and my dad will fire up the motorcycles and head for the mountains!!
I'm looking forward to getting home and getting prepped for Dillsburg! The horses have all been working great and we are really planning on enjoying ourselves at the show. I talked with Lisa G., and this years fun event after the classes on Sat. ill be a bit different. We are going to have our very own version of the Extreme Cowboy Race!! I have 8-9 obstacles planned, they will be set out in the arena, and each participant will be both timed and judged on how they negotiate the trail trial!! It's going to be a blast. This will be followed up by a brief horse soccer game.

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