Sunday, April 17, 2011

There are ducks swimming around in our pasture! They've left the pond and are exploring all the new little ponds freshly created by yesterdays rain. We had better have the best spring flowers ever in May!
Lars is lonely. Phantom got out of the fence one too many times- Rob and Erin trailered her over to the butchers on Friday evening. ( Erin is the cow whisperer- When Phantom sees me coming she bolts- did that with Rob as well- but she and Lars followed Erin to the barn from the back of our pasture- then let Erin push her up into the barn. ) Lars has been walking ( wading?) around the pastures lowing- we'll have to get him a new buddy or two soon.
Trailered 60 bales down to Rose in the pouring rain last night. Had it well tarped so we got there pretty much dry- until we unloaded! Carbi, who is due any day with a Pastor baby, is huge. She isn't really bagging up- but she is a maiden mare so we'll see what happens. Rose and her hubby take turns checking on her.
The three mares up at Maribelles are all starting to bag up some- I'm sure they will all wait to foal until I am out of town!

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