Tuesday, January 24, 2012

40 degrees at 5:30 in the morning in late January! Hope to make it a good, productive day. Should be picking up some counter tops and a stainless steel double sink today for the basement project, had another inquiry on a breeding to Calif so I need to be sure to have my 'lab' up and running so that we have no issues come breeding season.
Had good rides on JQ and Pastor yesterday, Erin got Al ridden and Achilles worked. Julie has lesson today, and I hope to get several ridden this afternoon after my work/errands are all completed. Yesterday was a lot of running, round bales, bank, grain, library and so on, and Rob and I had to go on a Removal Service call in the evening. Makes for an long day, but at least the Hubby and I got some time to sit and chat.
I've faxes to send for the Horse Expo, so I am off to get that done before the monster..er..Hunter wakes up!


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