Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bbbrrrrr......It's 4 degrees this morning. Am not looking forward to suiting up and heading to the barn, but I do want to go give everyone fresh water, so down to the barn we will go. Hopefully it will end up being a little bit warmer out today than it was yesterday. It wasn't too bad out early, I headed to the barn at 6:40 to start hay and water and it was 22 degrees and no wind. By 9 the temp had dropped to 18 and the wind was up, and that is pretty much how it stayed all day. We did not work horses, just too cold.

A week today Hunter, Shanna and I will be on the road. Still don't have my schedule totally set, but I think we will end up working in south-western PA on our was west. My schedule has already really filled up for the time that we will be in Illinois, and I have work in central PA to do on the way home.

We are getting an area in the basement cleared out to get our 'breeding lab' set up. I stopped by 'Green Demolitions' yesterday to look at some sinks and counter space. Not sure yet just what all I want to get set up, just know that I do want a sink in the basement, that will be handy for all types of stuff. Spring will get here before I know it and I want to be sure to have everything all set for breeding season.

Today Kokomo goes to his new home. Sabine V. is a local gal who has mules, and she is adding him to her herd of 'knuckleheads'. I'm very pleased that he is going to her, as she is knowledgeable about mules and will give him the work and TLC that he deserves.

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