Sunday, January 8, 2012

Made pancakes with bacon in them for breakfast ( Robbie loves bacon- so we were experimenting- they were very good.) In an hour Rob, Robbie, Jim, Jeff and I will hit the road, headed to work at Liberty Reins Ranch for the day. Deb B needs help getting some stuff done, so we got a little group together to go help out. After that the Keills are off to a family B-Day party for Rob's nephew.

My trip preparations are nearly all set. Shanna, Hunter and I will hit the road late Wednesday morning. We'll head to Somerset PA to do teeth, stay over and hit another barn the next morning then proceed on to Illinois. My schedule is jam-packed for the week, and we will be home on the 20th. The weather is looking pretty good for the trip, and it looks like it will stay half decent here as well. Monday I will get a big load of grain, hopefully a load of sawdust as well. Will hit the bank and the library ( have to have books on CD for the trip!) May also see about checking out a couple of DVD's for Hunter, give him something new to watch during the long truck ride. Tuesday I'll finish up all the preparations to hit the road ( laundry! ) and we should be set to go.

Yesterdays weather was fantastic, Maribelle even came out for a ride on her Torey. Lots of us hit the trail, and all in all it was a very nice, productive day. We keep calling this the winter that wasn't! Even if it starts to get cold and nasty now, it wont seem as bad as past winters, simply because we all know that March is only 7 weeks away!!! Next month we have the Horse Expo, then I head to Florida in early March, we may hit a Paso show in VA in April, and we've the family trip to work/visit my folks in AZ in April as well, then the shows start in May! Wow... I think the Dillsburg show will be here before I turn around twice!!

We saw that Pastor was ranked high up under the PFHA # 1 Stallion. His sire, Profeta, has been the Top Stallion for several years, and for several years our Pastor has been ranked one of the top stallions under him. It was so nice to see his ranking ( # 5 ) Makes us very proud of our little fino stallion. JQ did well also, ranked #12 under Jarenero, who was #8.

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