Tuesday, January 10, 2012

After a few hours of work on Sunday at Liberty Reins Ranch, Rob, Robbie, Jim, Jeff and I successfully got fencing fixed and horses moved to a different pasture; Jim got a good part of her turnout scraped; the guys fixed some lighting issues; and two stalls were put in. Felt very good to help gather this group and help out a friend. We will hopefully find another Sunday in the upcoming months to do more for her. Deb has done so much for us here at RO-NO, it's nice to be able to reciprocate and help her further her plans in her outreach towards our Veterans.

Yesterday I was running-running-running all day. Started out getting a ton of paperwork done and bills paid. I'll be gone so I have to make sure all is in order her at the ranch before I go. Then I hooked up the dump trailer, dropped it at the feed mill so that I could more easily get all of my errands and work done. Went on a dentistry call, hit the library, gas station, bank and grocery store. Then back to the feed store to load up on grain, hooked up trailer and went for a load of sawdust. Home to unload groceries, grain and sawdust, then back to the house to do more paperwork- and poof! the day was gone. Never enough time to get everything done!

Today will be more of the same- perhaps a little less hectic. ( or perhaps not- now that I think of the long 'to-do' list sitting on my kitchen counter!)


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