Sunday, January 22, 2012

We got home just in time. Drove through the snow all day on Thursday, wasn't too awful bad until it started to get dark, then the roads really slicked up. We were close to where Shanna goes to college, so we ended up staying at her apartment for the night. ( though we first hung out with a few of her friends, college guys who happened to be brewing beer that evening- they and Hunter got along great! :) ) Left the next morning, drove 3 1/2 hours to a barn near Sunbury to do teeth, and made it home by around 5 or so. I was exhausted!! It was a very long but productive trip. Woke up on Saturday to a good amount of fresh snow, was very glad we didn't have to drive in it.
Spent all of Saturday morning helping Rob with snow removal, then helped Julie finish stalls. Fit in working a horse or two, and then went to the house to collapse! I was very much in need of a day off.
Today ( my day off ) Rob and I went for a nice breakfast out, spent some time ( and Money ) at Sams Club, came home to unload groceries and started cleaning house. I've just finished unpacking my suitcase, and now I am done ( other than making dinner ) I'm planning on relaxing for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow will be nice out, a high near 50 ( so they say ) and we will get plenty of horses worked. I'll make a feed run, maybe get some round bales too, and go from there. Looks like a nice week ahead.

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