Friday, March 16, 2012

Headed home! Right now I am cooling my heels at the Tallahassee Airport, flight has been delayed due to heavy fog, hopefully I will make my connecting flights.

Florida trip was great, got lots of work done, and had a chance to ride at Greener Pastures, under Robins tutelage. Great time as always. Rose made the trip out on Monday evening, and she got a few lessons in as well. We celebrated my B-Day on Tuesday evening, and Robins B-Day on Wednesday evening. Then yesterday, after riding a few horses, Rose and I accompanied Robin to a Paso Show in Ocala. It was great getting to touch base with folks that we usually just see at Nationals.

Back to business as usual tomorrow. Have our regulars coming in the late morning, have a few new clients coming in the afternoon. Sunday we will work with Jen W on collecting a few of the stallions and such to get set for breeding season, and our new working student will be coming here around noontime! Busy weekend :)

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