Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Florida trip is progressing well. Worked on about 18 very nice Paso Finos yesterday at Greener Pastures. I'm off this morning to work on a few Pasos at another farm, then have rounds to make for the rest of the day. From there I will either head back to Henriettas and go out with the gang tonight to listen to a local band, or I'll head west in preparation for my days work tomorrow out near Pensacola. I'll just have to see what the day throws at me.

After tomorrow most of my work will be local to where I am staying, and on Monday Rosanne flys in, so a lot of our work will be focused on finishing up here at Greener Pastures. My birthday and Robins birthday are this coming week, so one night we will get a chance to go out and celebrate!

Off to take some ibuprofen now so that my arm is limber enough to work!

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