Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sitting in an airport in Charlotte NC waiting for my connection to Tallahassee. Yesterday was a long, drawn out day with lots needing to be accomplished before heading to the airport this morning. But, it was a good day, we got a lot done, and I finished up not too late last night. Got up early to finish packing, and we hit the road at 6 this morning. Rob and Hunter in the car, and me in the truck. Dropped the truck off for repairs while I am gone ( from the mystery impact it received on Feb 1st )( it will be nice to come home to an un-dented truck ) then hopped in with Rob and Hunter and off to the airport we went for them to drop me off. Got checked in and thru security with no trouble ( Wilkes-Barre is getting fancy- they now have a cylindrical shaped security vault that you have to stand in, hands raised, before passing thru security ) and now here I sit waiting for my next flight. I'm using the time wisely though, I have my notices along that need to be addressed and stamped to send off to my AZ clients in preparation for next months trip.
The girls are all set for my absence. I filled the barns with hay yesterday, got in a new load of shavings, and the schedule is all set with which horses need to be worked on which days. They are efficient at what they do, and as always, I can rest easy knowing that everything will get done.
Once I land I'll grab the rental that is waiting for me ( thanks to my insurance company- this is my replacement for while the truck is being repaired ) and head straight to my first appointment. Just one job to do today, then off to Henrietta Ratliff's place at Greener Pastures, where a Scrabble game and a gimlet await me!

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