Friday, March 30, 2012

Wish me luck! I'm working with the bank to get a loan for a new horse trailer. It's time to upgrade and get a bigger trailer, and I've found a lovely lightly-used Featherlite that I would love to acquire. Getting it will make getting to the shows much less of a procession.

Our two new horses from NC are lovely and are doing well. Ollie, the Arab that we started recently, is going great. I say 'we' started, Julie and Erin get most all of the credit for this guy. Julie has him going walk/trot/canter and he looks to be a lovely ride. Our stallions are all performing very well, can't wait to get them in the show ring. My young colt Mark got gelded this past Monday, and he is doing great. It's been nice having him in to handle a bit, he is a very sweet young Paso.

Well, I'm off. Have to get a load of square bales this morning, round bales tomorrow and a load of sawdust on Monday. Then we are off to work in Arizona for a week!

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