Thursday, March 1, 2012

We've another busy couple of days ahead of us. There is still a ton of snow on the ground from yesterdays storm, even though places west of here have nothing. All good though, as it is covering up the mud! Much of my day yesterday was spent getting caught up on paperwork, and getting things in order for my upcoming trip to Florida.

Things are changing up a bit for Maribelle, and I'm hoping that a positive spin is in the air. The young man who has worked for her for years let her know yesterday that his last day would be this Saturday! Now, Maribelle had knee surgery a little less than a month ago, so she is reliant upon her helper and us to get all cared for up at her barn. While I do possibly have someone new coming on at RO-NO soon who would work for her, we were not ready for so sudden a departure of her help. He had moved in to her house quite a few months ago ( he apparently had no where else to go, so kind hearted Maribelle opened her home to him ) Anyway, I made a call last night and have a wonderful guy lined up to come over today to meet with Maribelle and hopefully start work on Sunday/Monday. It may only be temporary, but I think it is a positive step up for Maribelle and her horses. We'll see where things go from here.

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day. The farrier will be here, I may have a new working student stopping by to meet us, and Jen W is stopping by to go over some of our breeding/collection equipment with me as well. Should be a full and enjoyable day!

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