Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our week is flying by at top speed! The busy weekend is nearly here, and we are really looking forward to it. Today is farrier day, John will be here early. He stopped by for a bit last night as he knew we were doing some mounted shooting practice. Tomorrow, on top of our regular chores, we will be getting the place ready for the Gaited Horse Clinic, and for our Mini-Clinic on Sunday for our Mounted Shooters.

Hannah, our new working student, is working out just fine. She's rapidly getting the hang of riding the Pasos, and is taking good care of all the critters up at Maribelles. We all worked late last night, it was so nice out we kept on going with getting horses schooled, then had Conni here to ride Chief, them practiced with the Mounted Shooting. Tonight will run a bit late as well. We plan to work again on collecting Pastor and Calif. It went well on Sunday, and I just want to be sure that the horses are good to go when we are called to send a shipment out. After that is done, Rob and I have a Removal Service call to go on. Today too we have a new worker coming in. He is one of Rob's ( second or third ) cousins, and he is a good farm hand.

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