Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's been a lovely weekend. The weather was about the best any of us have seen, 70's, sunny, no wind, no bugs. Hopefully we don't pay for it later.
One of my clients is selling her black Tenn. Walker. His name is Jet, he is registered and he is a lovely horse. To quote her, "I'm more concerned with finding him a good home & someone to love him than the $$. He's a special horse." He is a doll, nice, smooth gelding, pitch black. He is on the energetic side, likes to have a job. She is asking $3500.
We've a busy week ahead. Shooting practice is starting up, I want to start getting Cardillo going under harness. Hannah arrived safely and she is ready to work. We've much to get done before the upcoming clinics this weekend. ( Sunday will be a small mounted shooting clinic! )

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