Saturday, July 23, 2011

Big storm here at my sisters last night. Tons of rain and lightning and thunder. Hunter slept through it all, even with the house shaking from the booms. Hope it keeps things a bit cooler today. Yesterday wasn't too bad, didn't really heat up until after 2. Long day scheduled for today, I've about 5 stops to make. Tonight Hunter and I will have the house to ourselves, Robbie, Carol and the boys are going camping with the boys Scout troop. Hope there are no storms tonight!

Todays extra job will be working on filling out the PFHA Stallion Service Auction forms and sending in text and pictures. ( No, I will not be including Bg Rb into the Auction!!) I've other paperwork to attend to as well, but these are due by the end of the month so they get priority. Once I get home, Nationals paperwork has to be taken care of, forms and money have to be in by Aug 15th!

I'm quite excited about the three lovely Paso's that I will be bringing home from Illinois. They are well loved, well bred animals and I hope to do their owner justice by them. She has spent years cultivating a good breeding program and now finds herself in the unfortunate position of fighting illness, and has to sell her horses. Most of the bloodlines include Jarenero, 222 and Prometido!

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