Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quiet night here. I came up from the barn to an empty house, Hunter went off for the weekend with his Auntie Gretchen and Rob and Robbie are working at the restaurant. I got to come in and sit down unmolested, no children to tend to, no supper to make- it will be nice for one night, but I'll be glad to have my hectic home life back...

Good day at the barn today, lots of riding done, horses have been very good. It's been nice to have a few dry days in a row, we did get a fair amount of hay into the barn yesterday.

On a very sad note, the RO-NO Crew lost an important member, Lexi Wombat, Rachels wonderful Border Collie, had to be put down last night. She had been sick for a day or two and had been at/in the dog hospital, then had a bad collapse yesterday evening. A return trip to the clinic ended with a verdict that she could not be saved. We are all so very sorry, Lexi will truly be missed.

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