Tuesday, July 5, 2011

No new foal yet. We're waiting for our 5th and final foal of the year. When I checked on Desi at 5 this morning she looked at me as if to say 'What's going on? I'm SO uncomfortable!' She's been waddling around for the past few days, I noticed that she had just been laying down before I checked on her this morning. Udder is full and tight and she could go anytime.

Speaking of foals, I realize that it has been awhile since I've blogged about Scratchy. He will be two months old on this Thursday!! He is fat and sassy and has been very healthy. We couldn't be more pleased. He is also well adapted. Often orphan foals get too coddled and grow up hard to manage because they think of people as their herd mates, making them difficult to handle as they want to 'play' with people like they would with other foals. Scratchy gets in to play with Charlie ( London's foal who is about 2 weeks older than Scratchy) several times a day, plus they all get turned out together. London never totally accepted Scratchy as her own, but she is very tolerant of him, and is the mother figure he needs to grow up well adapted to horse life, giving him the social guidance he will need to know how to behave as a herd animal. He also gets turned out with the yearling filly Savannah.

Charlie is recovering well from the wound he got on his fetlock. He is able to be turned out again ( though we were stalled a bit by the latest downpours we got on Sunday, I really don't want his nearly healed leg submerged in mud!) He is still rather stoic about being handled, he tolerates it but would rather be left alone. ( just like his mom!)

Rob dropped a ton of hay at Maribelles yesterday. Our fields are a bit too soggy to drive on, but hers are up high so we'll get it in while we can. Hopefully we'll get another dry stretch soon so that we can get the rest of our hay done. Things aren't looking too good for us as far as getting much of a second cutting.


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