Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's just after 4:30 in the morning and I'm up and running. ( well, more like stumbling around the house waiting for the coffee pot to finish brewing ) Robbie will be up soon and we'll finish packing and be on our way west. Hopefully Hunter will travel well. Our first stop is a bit north of Pittsburgh, there are about 18-22 horses for me to work on there. The folks that own them also own a B & B and have asked us to stay over. Thurs morning we will continue on to my sisters in Illinois. After that I'll work for about a week, head to north-western Illinois to pick up some new Paso's that I'll be bringing home to sell, head for Indiana and Ohio for a bit more work, stay over in Ohio then head for home. Phew...
Got in a new Paso mare yesterday. She is 12 years old, was shown Fino in her younger days, and is now hopefully going to make someone a nice regional show horse and trail mount. The gals will enjoy riding her while I'm on my trip. I'll have her up on the website soon.
Rob will start tackling more hay fields while we are gone, he'll be at your place soon Michelle! The heat wave that is going on here is happening all across the states, looks like I'm driving through and into some record breaking heat! But, it will help dry the hay quickly.

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