Monday, July 11, 2011

Good weekend. Saturday was a whirlwind of a day. Had people drive up from Bethlehen PA for Paso lessons, Scotch's owners came and rode ( and were pleased with his progress- it makes me happy to make people happy!! ) Lots od folks in to ride their ponies and take lessons. Rob cut hay at Maribelles ( we put some of it in yesterday- the rest goes in today) Hunter turned three on Saterday, took him to the Firemans Picnic in LA in the evening, he really enjoyed getting to see/hear all the firetrucks. Also went to Rachels to see the baby ( which we didn't get to do- she was sleeping ) and to do teeth on Rach and Chris's horses. Yesterday I got caught up on some housework, made covers for the couch's, did paperwork, put in hay, and had friends stay for dinner ( least I could do since they had helped put in the hay! )

Here are some pics of Desi and her baby. The girls have named him Spock due to his tipped, turned in ears!

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